Pursuing the American Dream

Gaining U.S Citizenship:

Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority in Idaho and also add to the largest immigration population. Even though immigration procedures seem fairly straightforward, a person should still consult with an immigration attorney before filing a request or application. Because immigration law is administrative in nature, failure to comply with any deadline, application requirement, or filing fee can result in a denial of a person’s application. An immigration attorney is well equipped to guide a person through the administrative maze of immigration law.

Pursuing U.S. citizenship is for those who want to live, work and travel freely in the United States and to enjoy all of the benefits that full citizenship provides. Most U.S. citizenship is mostly gained through parentage (through their parents, who are also citizens), but one can also become a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process. Naturalization is a process by which U.S. citizenship is given to a foreign citizen after he/she meets the requirements established by congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

When to see a lawyer:

· If you are not sure if you meet requirements for naturalization.

· You have a criminal record and want to find put if there is anything that can be done to become eligible for citizenship.

· If you are unaware of laws regarding immigration and regulations.

The Cost of Becoming a U.S Citizen:

· Current Naturalization application fee is $725

· $640 goes towards the application process

· $85 goes towards biometric services

· Fees are non-refundable regardless or being approved or denied

Why become a U.S Citizen?

· U.S Citizens are able to vote during elections

· U.S Citizens are able to receive federal benefits

· U.S Citizens are able to travel abroad

· U.S Citizens are able to sponsor other family members for green cards

· U.S Citizens are able to apply for financial aid

· U.S Citizens are able to receive employment checks

· U.S Citizens are able to prove obtain a driver’s license or ID

Overall, it is important to consult with a lawyer prior to starting the process of becoming a U.S citizen. It may be able to make the naturalization process smoother and efficient.

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