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Success rate of becoming a Citizen

Should I apply for Citizenship? Data from the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services indicates that immigration denial rates have raised dramatically. Denials increased by 37 percent ever since 2016. Citizenship denials include travel documents, work permits, green cards, Etc. Legal immigration will be getting more difficult, and future rules will be stricter than what they are today. Individual... Read More »

Pursuing the American Dream

Gaining U.S Citizenship: Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority in Idaho and also add to the largest immigration population. Even though immigration procedures seem fairly straightforward, a person should still consult with an immigration attorney before filing a request or application. Because immigration law is administrative in nature, failure to comply with any deadline, application require... Read More »

Stopped by a Trooper-Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana in many states adjacent to Idaho, Troopers from the Idaho State police are becoming increasingly aggressive in targeting out of state drivers during “routine” traffic stops. If you are stopped for a traffic violation by the Idaho State police you will invariably be questioned about your prior travel (the trooper will ask “where are you coming fr... Read More »